PFI & FM Compliance


Simple Compliance helps PFI contract owners & Facilities Management companies manage all their legislative, regulatory and contractual compliance requirements.

The PFI & FM Compliance Management solution from Simple Compliance tackles the key issues faced by Contract and Compliance Managers.

We provide you with the tools to track processes, issue actions and monitor the activities of sub-contractors. Powerful management reports, and visual dashboards, demonstrate the level of compliance across the business to appropriate parties.

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Whether your business engages in Total Facilities Management, small scale Soft-FM or anything in between, Simple Compliance can help you manage your property, contract and health and safety documentation.

Today’s economy is a challenging one and it can be especially arduous to meet reduced budgetary targets while also meeting your legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

How do I know if I am compliant? How can I prove it? If you can’t answer either of these questions with a complete, and up-to-date, set of documentary evidence you open yourself to charges or potential lawsuits. But we know this. The more important question is:

How can I improve compliance, and visibility of compliance, across my estate? Simple Compliance provides you with total visibility of your regulatory compliance resulting in reduced charges and a more efficient service. At one glance you can see the live status of compliance across all your contracts. Simple Compliance gives you the ability to drill-down to specific contracts or even specific buildings. Building compliance is a key component in any facilities maintenance contract and with ever-changing regulations and moving goalposts it is more important than ever to ensure you are 100% compliant.

Manage all your legislative and contractual compliance from one centralised location, with total visibility across each contract.

How do you become 100% Compliant?

Simple Compliance works closely with you to help gather all the data you currently have, whether it is on paper spread throughout your estate or in various digital formats, and bring it together in one location. We then tailor the system to your business needs and help you train new users.

Any document entering the system can be given renewal/expiry dates so you know exactly how much time your staff have to complete their actions. Checks and balances are built into the system as standard, to ensure that all data is clean and no corners are cut.

Lower risk, increase productivity, and make tangible cost savings from year one.

Interested in a different selection of modules? We understand that every business is different, and so please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements today.

How can Simple Compliance benefit the PFI and FM sector?

Reduce risk

Ensure high-risk activities are properly controlled. Ensure tasks are completed by appropriately skilled personnel. Ensure remedial actions are completed in a timely manner. Provide most recent information to all stakeholders.

Improve consistency

Ensure same process is followed throughout the organisation. Automatically track expiry of documentation. Comply with HSE set obligations. Immediate & Easy access to H&S Information.

Lower costs

Efficiently manage H&S Processes. Instant access to information. Allow staff/contractors to input directly. Better defend against litigation. Minimise reproduction of surveys, plans & other documents. Better utilise your H&S team.

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