Property Compliance Module


The Simple Compliance Property Compliance module allows you to track and manage all of your compliance obligations across your entire property portfolio.

The module focusses on an easily navigable database of your properties, which holds basic site information, photographs, key personnel, asbestos status etc. Properties can be grouped in a number of different ways to help drive comparative dashboards, providing you with valuable business intelligence based on the most recent data you have.

All legal, contractual and best practice requirements are stored centrally and applied to your properties. Compliance evidence is then stored against each property allowing you to quickly access any document, wherever your location.

Duty holders can be assigned to each property. When a requirement is due, Simple Compliance automatically emails the appropriate person to let them know. These are then escalated if not actioned, meaning you don’t have to worry about chasing people for documentation.

Legal & Contractual Regulation Library

The Simple Compliance Property Compliance module holds a set of core "regulations", which are defined by legal requirements, contractual commitments or your company's best practice guidelines.

These regulations are then applied to your properties to build a compliance framework for your organisation.

Property Documentation

All compliance documentation created within Simple Compliance is stored against the relevant property, including documents generated as a result of completing actions. Expiry dates are monitored and automatic emails are sent when due dates are approaching.

You can search and find information quickly, with the most recent documents being presented first. All historical documentation is archived within the system to help create a complete, auditable compliance package for each property.

Remedial Action Management

Actions are generated for duty holders to ensure the regulations are completed. These are logged against properties and can be ‘closed out’ with evidence documents or photographs. All appropriate documentary evidence is gathered as a part of this process and stored against the property.

In this way your compliance is easily proven to external or internal auditors/stakeholders and up-to-date documents are always readily at hand.

Actions generated in other Simple Compliance modules are also fed into the Property Compliance module, giving you a clear view of the overall compliance status of each property, and your property portfolio as a whole.

Clear, Concise Dashboards

Manage all of your property compliance with easy to use dashboards that give an overview of your live compliance documentation and actions.This powerful tool allows you to drill down into the dashboard to property groups, and even individual properties.

Dashboards showing the overall compliance status ensure management can take appropriate actions.


  • The system ensures you meet your compliance obligations and hence avoid fines or contractual breaches.
  • All documentation and actions are stored centrally and are immediately accessible.
  • There is a full audit trail of actions and visibility of steps taken.
  • Email alerts will notify people when actions are impending or overdue.

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