Features and Benefits


Simple Compliance is an online portal for the management of an organisation’s health and safety compliance obligations. It provides an integrated view of compliance information for assets within your organisation and the people engaged in related activities.

It has been designed by leading Health and Safety consultants who understand the needs of organisations with large, complex property portfolios.

The system is simple to use and ensures that staff and contractors can quickly access the information they need.

Simple Compliance is a modular system, with each module providing a solution to a specific health and safety need, allowing us to tailor the solution to your organisation's requirements.

The system is fully hosted and requires no internal infrastructure or installation on your part. This means you can get up and running really quickly with no hardware costs or need to use internal IT staff's precious time.

Please review the modules in the system by following the links at the top of this page. If you have any questions or need further information then please email info@simplecompliance.co.uk.


Reduce Risk

The system enables you to reduce risk across your organisation:

  • Up-to-date information is available to all staff and subcontractors
  • Compliance processes are uniform and easy to use
  • Management dashboards enable action to be taken where non-compliance occurs
  • Ensure staff have correct skills/training to undertake tasks
  • Provide extra controls for high-risk activities

Ensure Compliance

Organisation's have complex compliance requirements and these can all be stored centrally, with scheduled repeating actions generated.

  • Define compliance requirements for each property dependent on regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Generate actions for property based and central staff to undertake
  • Store evidence of completion (photographs, certification and documentation)
  • Non-compliant areas escalated to management
Lower Costs

By having a centrally managed compliance system across your estate costs can be significantly reduced:

  • Reduce the risk of fines or contract penalties by ensuring all compliance actions are completed
  • Target your remedial and health and safety work towards high-risk areas
  • Undertake preparatory tasks from offsite and reduce travel costs
  • Prevents the need for duplicate surveying or repeat production of reports by storing all documentation centrally in a searchable repository


Management reporting and dashboards

The system includes a full management reporting and dashboard suite, allowing you to:

  • View the overall compliance of your properties
  • Identify the comparative compliance of difference areas of the business (asbestos, water, fire etc.)
  • Drill down into a dashboard to discover the exact cause of non-compliance

Duty holder focus

The system was designed for duty holders to manage their entire estate, rather than for one process area (e.g. asbestos surveying). It therefore provides central health and safety staff and compliance officers with information pertinent to their requirements.

  • All modules feed into central dashboards to provide global view of the business
  • Simple to use interface to allow all staff and contractors to interact with processes
  • Generate remedial actions if required
Engage staff and subcontractors in processes

Being available 24/7 via the internet, all staff and contractors can be engaged in your health and safety processes. Whether this means viewing asbestos registers, closing out actions or requesting work permits.

  • Can be accessed from PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Granular security to ensure people only see information relevant to their job role and location
  • Email reminders and alerts notify people of their tasks
  • Easy to use interface to enable non-technical people access to information at the correct level
Remedial action management

All the modules contribute to a central remedial action management module. This ensures all the follow-up actions are captured during the relevant process and are not "lost" in long report documents.

  • Actions are allocated to duty-holders or contractors and can be securely updated
  • Completion of an action may require the uploading of relevant evidence (photographs, documents) to enable tasks to be verified
  • Action dashboards show where within your organisation remedial actions are out of date.

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