Audits and Assessments Module


The Simple Compliance Audits and Assessments module provides you with an easy way to undertake and manage your health and safety related audits. From planning through to completion and remedial actions, Simple Compliance Audits and Assessments module is an end-to-end, question and answer based management system that simplifies even the most complicated audit process.

The module allows you to define an unlimited number of audit types, plan your audit schedule, allocate audits to specific auditors or staff and follow their progress. Once the audit is completed all remedial actions are stored in a central action area and automatically emailed to the appropriate person. This allows you to track any outstanding actions and ensure they are completed.

Your audit information is instantly available to all staff with the appropriate access levels. Data can be accessed from any internet connected device, including tablets and smart-phones. There are a series of intuitive dashboards and reporting functions that highlight recurring issues, patterns and trends.

Audits can be undertaken by competent people throughout your organisation with a minimal amount of training. The effort in managing your statutory risk can then be distributed and efficiencies gained in lowering travel costs and expenses.

Audit Reporting and Dashboards

The Simple Compliance Audits and Assessments module comes with a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reporting functions which are fully customisable. This allows you to highlight areas of good or poor performance graphically or in tabular form. Each dashboard and report can be explored through ‘drilling-down’ into the information, to specific areas, audit types, sections and even individual questions.

The system captures a huge amount of management data, with each answer being held discretely in the database. This allows you to determine areas which are repeatedly at risk or where staff/contractors are underperforming.

You can also view results geographically which allows you to focus on problem areas whilst promoting best practice through positive internal examples. Customisable reports can be created within the system to enable you to see the information you require to manage these risks.

Audit Planning

Within the management portal, the planning stage creates a dialogue between managers and auditors to ensure that any potential clashes, absences or conflicts are considered and the Audit is planned for the most appropriate time. You can add various stakeholders to an audit to ensure that information is shared as and when it is needed.

Using geographic functions you can allocate audits efficiently, ensuring similarly located audits commence at appropriate times helping to reduce travel and staff costs.

Planning audits well in advance allows you to review upcoming activity and focus your attention on areas of high risk.

Performing an Audit

Completion of an audit is a very simple process, and the amount of information the auditor needs to enter changes dynamically as questions are answered.

The use of multiple choice answers and tick boxes means auditors can quickly complete questions, and where photographic evidence is required images can be captured directly from a Tablet/Smartphone.

Other question types include: selection, drop-downs, text, numeric etc.

The system is very flexible and each audit type has its own set of questions and its own scoring regime that you define, allowing you to control the outcomes of audits and highlight any areas of risk.

Remedial Action Management

Upon completion the Simple Compliance Audit will generate a remedial action-list that automatically notifies the appropriate actionee. This ensures that any risks or associated issues can be rectified in a timely fashion. The action list is then monitored and escalations can be set up to inform line or site management of out of date actions.

  • Gather actions as part of audit
  • Allocate to stakeholders at property or within company
  • Provide link to audit and photographs
  • Distribute automatically when audit submitted by auditor
  • Send reminders to actioned person
  • Automatic escalation if action not completed

Audit Review Scoring and Publish

The system is very flexible and each audit type has its own set of questions and its own scoring regime that you define. Allowing you to control the outcomes of audits and highlight any areas of risk.

  • Auditor can review before submission
  • Each question is scored
  • Failure levels can increase/decrease score
  • Each section is weighted
  • Each audit type has threshold scores for Compliant / Review / Fail

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