Permit to Work Module


The Simple Compliance Permit to Work module moves your entire process online and allows small low-risk work permits to be recorded and issued automatically. This gives your health and safety team time to focus on more high-risk activities.

The Simple Compliance Permit to Work module enables you to create permit forms for all aspects of works that require specific checks and controls. Our flexible system allows you to create unlimited permits, bespoke question sets, and will align to your own business workflows and procedures.

Give contractors their own secure, individual logins and let them apply for permits directly online. These are then automatically emailed to you to sign off. You can even set the software to automatically issue permits for low-risk works, allowing you to focus on more high-risk activity.

Documentation and photographs can be stored as part of a permit, this helps provide evidence that your processes have been followed. Remedial actions can also be issued during the entire process, these are automatically emailed to the appropriate actionee and can be followed through to completion.

Instantly improve your processes

Allow staff and contractors to request permits to work directly through the software. Define what you consider as low-risk activity and let these automatically issue once the applicant has completed the online questionnaire. In this way, your central health and safety team can be used to review only the high-risk activities.

Each permit to work (whether in draft form, issued or rejected) is recorded in the system, along with all answers entered, to provide you with a comprehensive audit trail.

Managing the risk

We give you the ability to include pre-activity checklists and questions for the contractors to complete, which can include the upload of supporting documentation such as RAMs. You can rest assured that the people working on your site have followed your procedures to the letter.

Track where and when permits are occurring to have a clear, up-to-date view of high-risk activities across your estate.

The system requires that each permit is "Closed-Out" to ensure that any post-activity checks are taken to ensure the risk has been totally removed.

Simple Questions and Answers

The software works on a simple question and answer basis with a powerful backend to help simplify even the most complicated of your current business workflows.

Questions can require various inputs (for example "Yes/No" or free text) and for each answer a risk score is calculated. Based upon the overall risk score the permit is then issued, rejected or further approval required. Step-by-step guidance aids best practice.

Conditional questions ensure that if a high risk activity is being undertaken, suitable questions can be asked to better understand how the risk is being managed.

Fully Configurable

You define each permit type and question set according to your business needs, and we also have a library of question sets you can use to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

If you need to make a change this can be done through the comprehensive administration functions. Any changes you make to a permit type of question set will affect all future work permits, not historical ones, to ensure the accuracy of your reporting is not compromised.


  • Your asbestos information is available instantly to all your staff and contractors.
  • Data can be accessed from any internet connected device, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Your asbestos risk is managed efficiently and transparently.
  • Your asbestos data is stored independently of your surveying company. This allows mutliple surveying companies to be engaged on your estate and also removes tie-in from your surveying company.
  • We can import data directly from your surveying company and also provide a "drafting" area for new information to be reviewed.

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