Social Housing


Simple Compliance is designed to help social housing organisations, such as local authorities, housing associations and managing agents, manage their health and safety and compliance processes for their entire housing stock in one central online system.

Simple Compliance also has the ability to allow you to monitor any associated managing agents, landlord or other subcontractors and can even provide them access to the system to manage their own compliance obligations.

Automatic notifications to the relevant duty holders are key to ensuring compliance is continually managed and give you peace of mind that your organisation continues to meet your health and safety, and compliance obligations.

If you are responsible for health and safety or compliance within the social housing sector, then Simple Compliance provides the perfect tool for you to easily manage your regulatory compliance obligations and achieve better ratings with your social housing regulator.

Gain total management visibility over your entire housing stock, streamline your health and safety processes, and reduce risk throughout your organisation.

Please click here to download a case study of how Simple Compliance is used in social housing.

What is the status of compliance across your housing stock?

Social housing organisations can have large numbers of properties, from a small flat or house to a large block of flats, and the compliance requirements are extensive and varied. Keeping track of all documentation, actions, deadlines and expiry dates over such complex estates is difficult and time consuming.

Each module in Simple Compliance presents you with clear, easy to navigate dashboards that highlights critical information, to ensure you remain 100% compliant and allows you to focus on high risk activities. View the real-time compliance status across your organisation, and demonstrate your compliance with legislative requirements.

Any document entering the system can be given renewal/expiry dates so you know exactly how much time your staff have to complete their actions. Checks are built into the system as standard, to ensure that all data is clean and no corners are cut.

You also have the ability to store different types of documents on the system ranging from compliance documentation such as Fire Risk Assessments and Gas Safety Records to property detail documentation such as Business Insurance Reports and Service Level Agreements. Property based inspections are also a key to ensuring your housing stock remains compliant and these documents can either be uploaded or completed directly on the system.

Simple implementation

Simple Compliance works closely with you to help gather all the data you currently have, whether it is on paper spread throughout your organisation or in various digital formats, and brings it together in one central system. We then tailor the system to your business needs and help you train new users.

Lower risk, increase productivity, and make tangible cost savings from year one.

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How can Simple Compliance benefit the Housing Sector?

Reduce risk

Ensure high-risk activities are properly controlled. Ensure tasks are completed by appropriately skilled personnel and all remedial actions are completed in a timely manner. Provide the most recent information to all stakeholders and decision makers.

Improve compliance

Achieve better ratings with your social housing regulator. Ensure the same process is followed throughout the organisation. Automatically track the expiry of documentation. Comply with HSE and other regulatory obligations.

Lower costs

Provide instant access to information. Delegate work, by allowing managing agents/landlords to input information directly. Minimise reproduction of surveys, plans & other documents and better utilise your H&S team.

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