Accidents and Incidents Module


The Simple Compliance Accidents and Incidents module allows you to effectively manage the incident reporting process across your property portfolio, and undertake investigations directly online.

Ensuring an incident is recorded correctly is easy with the Accidents and Incidents module. The system allows staff and contractors to report incidents from anywhere, through simple-to-use online forms.

Once an incident is recorded, an investigation can be triggered to capture further contact information, witness statements and investigator reports.

The module guides the user through the reporting process and ensures compliance with HSE guidelines and RIDDOR reporting requirements.


Fully configurable

The module is configurable and allows additional data capture for your specific needs. We will work with you throughout the implementation process to align the system to your policies and procedures.

The module can be provided in multiple languages to assist staff in recording accidents. All classification data is recorded centrally in the database in a common form, so although data can be captured in multiple languages you can still report across your entire estate.

Corporate information access

All data is stored centrally, ensuring that all data is instantly accessible to all stakeholders. Investigation reports are easily at hand and can be accessed by authorised people in your organisation.

SimpleCompliance documents all actions and activities within the system in a clear and comprehensive audit trail.

Improved performance and dashboards

Incident metrics are captured and viewable in the incident dashboard allowing an organisation-wide view of incident occurrence and patterns.


  • Centralised, standardised incident management to help reduce costs, and better defend claims
  • Easy to use incident reporting system to ensure accidents are recorded
  • Comply with statutory RIDDOR reporting
  • Immediate notifications of reported incidents to relevant stakeholders

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